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Viral Creations, Security Threats, and Job Market Shifts (GPT4 Week 6)

April 29, 20232 min read

It's been 6 weeks since ChatGPT4 was released...

In the past six weeks, we've witnessed the revolutionary release of ChatGPT-4, and the AI landscape continues to evolve at breakneck speed.

To keep you updated, we've handpicked the top 3 AI news stories and 3 must-try AI tools of the week.

Top 3 A.I. Tools of the Week

Last week these A.I. generated videos of Harry Potter and Balenciaga went crazy viral.

Here are the 3 tools needed to replicated this for yourself.

  1. Midjourney - A.I. Text to Image. They recently released v5 and you can now "program" it to create realistic imagery in different styles and formats.

  2. ElevenLabs - A.I. Text to Voice. You can then upload ~30 seconds of audio and then you can type out text and it will speak it back to you in that voice. You can also now convert audio into multiple languages!

  3. - Animate A.I. generated images by uploading the images generated from Midjourney and audio from Eleven Labs.

Top 3 A.I. News Stories of the Week

Criminals Use AI to Fake Kidnapping for Ransom

A recent case of AI-generated scam calls involved a child's voice mimicking an abduction, targeting parents with fake kidnapping claims for extortion. Authorities are urging the public to be vigilant, verify information through other means, and report suspicious calls in order to combat this rapidly advancing technology (CNN).

Fake Drake Meets AI

The emergence of AI-generated music that imitates famous artists, such as the recent case of a "fake Drake" song, raises significant copyright questions. Legal experts emphasize the importance of artists proactively protecting their work and style against AI exploitation, as the rapid evolution of technology continues to blur the lines between imitation and infringement (Fox News).

Is Your Job at Risk to AI?

Dropbox has announced the layoff of 500 employees, representing 16% of its staff, as the company faces slowing growth and increased competition from AI-driven technologies. The CEO emphasizes the need for the company to adapt and focus on key business areas to remain competitive in the ever-evolving technology landscape (TechCrunch).

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