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Week 5 - A.I. Updates

April 02, 20232 min read

In this Week 5 edition, we'll be exploring the exciting world of open-source advancements and the surprising upheaval in the music industry as a result of AI.

Grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable; we have a lot to unpack in this week's breakdown!

Elon's TruthGPT

  • Elon Musk recently appeared on Tucker Carlson's show to discuss his latest AI project, TruthGPT - an advanced artificial intelligence designed to pursue the ultimate understanding of the universe. Interestingly, this announcement comes just a few weeks after Musk called for a temporary halt to AI development. His decision to proceed with TruthGPT was seemingly motivated by concerns about Google/DeepMind's progress in the field, which he fears could result in the creation of unsafe AGI. These concerns were exacerbated by Google co-founder Larry Page, who labeled Musk a "species-ist" for his insistence on prioritizing human safety in AI development. It is important to note that Page has openly stated that Google's goal is to create AGI. [Link]

Google + DeepMind

  • The recent merger of Google Brain and DeepMind to form Google DeepMind is a significant development in the AI field. Despite recent criticisms directed at Google, it is crucial to recognize that they possess an extensive amount of global data. The potential applications and breakthroughs that can be achieved with this information are remarkable. It will be fascinating to observe the innovations that emerge from this collaboration. Interestingly, the naming journey of the organization over the past 13 years has come full circle, transitioning from DeepMind to Google DeepMind, back to DeepMind, and finally returning to Google DeepMind. [Link]

  • Google's Bard is now capable of writing code on your behalf, providing explanations for code, debugging it, and exporting the results to Colab. [Link]

OpenAI TED Talk

  • OpenAI's President and Co-Founder, Greg Brockman, delivered a TED talk that is definitely worth watching. He highlights the possibilities of using plugins in ChatGPT and concludes with the message that, together, we need to become literate to achieve OpenAI's mission of ensuring AGI benefits all of humanity. An intriguing aspect of his talk is the description of ChatGPT and its plugins as "a unified language interface on top of tools." It genuinely piques curiosity about the resources and technologies they may have access to behind the scenes. [Link] [Link]


  • The music industry is on the brink of a significant transformation as AI-generated songs featuring artists like Drake and The Weeknd are gaining traction and improving in quality [Link] [Link] Amusingly, AI renditions of Kanye and Drake singing "Call Me Maybe" and K-pop songs have recently surfaced [Link] [Link] [Link]. Unsurprisingly, music companies are actively resisting these developments. It will be intriguing to see how this situation unfolds, particularly in regard to artists potentially licensing their voices as models for purchase or similar arrangements [Link].


  • Webflow is introducing AI [Link]

  • Interesting looking AI powered 3D editor [Link]

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